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I am a mum based in the UK (Yorkshire) and I love to read, I love it when my kids read too. Here to review and give my opinions which are my own.

Where To Get And Read Books For Free

Books allow people to escape reality for a bit and you can let your imagination go wild. Books do many things, such as amuse, teach and challenge perspectives. The truth is that all people should have access to books for free.

UK boroughs were allowed to open free libraries when the Public Libraries Act of 1850 was enacted. This Act is why we have free library cards and why we have a you can join events, access the internet and peruse journals, as well as magazines to find books of all types, in both audio and large-print form. Best of all, it's all free.


You can use your favourite search engine and look at their maps. You'll be able to find the nearest library. Give it a try.


If you want to go cheaper, then check out charity shops because they sell paperbacks for less than a Pound. After you purchase them, you can donate them back. This will be you doing a bit for charity.


If you have a Kindle, Tablet or another kind of e-reader, then lookout for free electronic books. Kobo has a system in which some first-in-series books are completely free to download. Free e-Books is a place you can signup at and access e-books that are free. In fact, there are many e-books available via Free e-Books.


The standard memberships allows you to download five free e-books per month. The formats you can download them in are PDF and TXT. Also, feel free to check out iTunes because they have a free Books app that has over 20,000 classics to download, all at no cost to you. Android has Google Play Books, so check them out too.


Many hostels around the world have bookcases. These are filled with books that travellers have left behind or have donated. Leave a finished book in place of the book you decide to take. This will help you get some good karma.


As for what to read, head over to the Book List Challenge. Another good place to go to is 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die. You can read reviews on books of all types.


Don't forget about book clubs. They are usually a good source to turn to when you want free books and when you want to improve your social life. Furthermore, visit teach.com and check out there flowchart.